IMG_1617The philosophies of the Jedi as depicted in the infamous Star Wars media contain elements of real-world philosophies and practices such as  Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, medieval moral codes, stoicism and more.  In some way, all can be said to focus on the attainment of a clear and strong mind in order to maximize contentment, fulfillment and performance of their subscribers.

We Can All Be Jedi is a place to explore the common ground, resources, tools and stories of these outlooks and to continue to nurture the force that resides within us all.   Part blog, part online community, part book club, it is a place for you to see what has worked for others and to find what will work for you. Because ultimately, we will find only what we bring in.

WCABJ invites you to contribute to The Force by emailing submissions of resources (books, essays, audio files, etc.), tools (practices, mind tricks, etc.) and stories to submissions@wecanallbejedi.com